Examinations Study Tips

Examination Study Tips

copy edited by Vivian and Victor Sng

It's examination time! Don't panic! Follow the tips given below and you will sail through the exams!

1. Know what you will be tested.

If your teachers did not say what will be tested, then you had better study everything, paying more attention to the topics that carry a higher weighting. It all boils down to studying with a strategy.

2. Know your goals.

Calculate the marks you have scored for the revision papers you have done. Then, compare them and see how far off you are from the scoring goal you have set for yourself. Zoom in on those areas that you need to improve so you may score higher marks.

3. The correct way to revise.

Revise by doing questions on topics that you do not know very well but you know that such questions will surely come out in the exams. Skip the ones that you have attempted before and which you have got right. Your tutors (if you have them) will normally emphasize the areas you need to pay more attention to (usually key concepts from certain topics), so you can be better prepared to answer questions well. If you cannot do so, then you must make an effort to find out how to answer such questions. Learn from "kiasu" Singaporeans - sometimes, it helps a lot!

4. Sleep early!

After you have done all the studying you can do, remember to sleep early the night before the exams. Also, do not sit for your exams with an empty stomach, do eat something light.

5. Never leave blanks.

Even if you are not sure how to answer some questions, attempt them anyway. Sometimes, the teacher will award marks if you give answers that make sense. Good luck to all in your coming examinations!