How to make your child study better?

How to make your child study better?

Copy edited by Vivian Sng

I think this is the question on every parent's mind. So, I would like to share some tips with all the parents out there.

Causes for not performing well

Not understanding the concepts

It is important that your children understand the theory behind every concepts. If they do not understand the concepts, then no matter how hard they work, they will just be wasting a lot of precious hours going round in circles. This is where a good tutor can help. A good tutor helps your children to know the concepts and not merely answering the questions without getting the bigger picture. In fact, a lot of fundamentals your children are learning now will help them in their higher studies later on.

No consistency in studies.

Burning the midnight oil is contrary to good grades. It is important that your children put in regular hours of study to understand the concepts well and also to reinforce the understanding of the concepts through doing consistant homework. A tutor helps to monitor your children's progress and feedback to you how they are doing.


Do you notice that your children are distracted by the latest online games in Facebook or other media like Nintendo, etc. These games are designed to attract the attention of your children and even adults into playing them over and over again. Thus, children without a strong sense of self-control, will get distracted by these online games when they should actually be focusing their attention on their studies.

Practice makes perfect

How many times are we told that to practice practise, practise , practise? It is no exception when it comes to studies. It is through rigorous practice that we learn the way to write , speak and answer questions better.

Paying attention to teachers in school

Teachers, nowadays, are motivated by performance incentives and hence, they would want their students to do well. So, do pay attention to what they say. You may can get hints as to what sort of questions will be come coming out during in the examinations.

Positive mindset

If other people can do it, so can I. Having a positive mindset helps a lot in one's studies. It spurs one on to find ways and means to achieve good results. By self-talking to oneself that one can achieve those As, will one be able to steer one's mind towards making those grades a reality. I hope this list is helpful to to you in helping your children to study better and thus, achieve better grades.